Train Your Brain: Phaco Mind Lab


The OU Cataract Academy Course is a fresh approach to learning of the complex surgical procedure of cataract surgery.

Developed by Ophthalmology University, Phaco Mind Lab, a patent-pending surgical teaching methodology, can help you become a safe and effective cataract surgeon. The OU Cataract Academy Course incorporates many modern adult learning principals to create the most holistic training process for learning cataract surgery in the world.

How Millennials learn today is different from past generations. The OU cataract Academy Course will not have long lectures and presentations that seek to have you simply memorize the material.

At Ophthalmology University we believe that millennial-aged Ophthalmologists formulate a deeper understanding of how to perform cataract surgery when learning is interactive. When the adult learner must exercise meaningful levels of critical thinking the foundation is established to train the motivated adult learner to master the steps of phacoemulsification.

Ophthalmology University also believes in mentorship as a key component of helping you to be the best cataract surgeon you can become if the opportunity to learn cataract surgery is made available to you.

Therefore, when you enroll in the OU Cataract Academy Course you will have a 2 student to one mentor ratio. Your mentors will work with you every day to help you master the steps of cataract surgery. With your mentor’s guidance, you will become intellectually aware of subtle flaws in your technique needing to be modified with practice and coaching. Think of the OU Cataract Academy as your “concierge service” for learning Cataract Surgery with your mentor by your side every day to help you accelerate your cataract surgery skill development through a deeper cognitive understanding of cataract surgery.