Register For the OU Cataract Academy

 At Ophthalmology University you will receive “concierge service” for learning Cataract Surgery. Through an intensive 3 phase training process in the OU Cataract academy you will be provided K.A.M.P which will aid you in learning phacoemulsification surgery.


In order to offer the highest quality training for every Ophthalmology student enrollment is limited. The structure of the OU Cataract Academy demands surgical mentors guide a student through a systemtaic learning pathway. The surgical mentor is with a student at all times to ensure every student acquires the knowledge and manual dexerity to operate safely and effectively.

Therefore Ophthalmology University maintains a 2 student to one mentor ratio. Space is limited for the OU Cataract Academy so it is recommended every Ophthalmologists wishing to improve their phacoemulsification skills register without delay to avoid being placed on the Ophthalmology University wait list.

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Note: all information is required in order to be accepted to the OU Cataract Academy