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OU’s Holistic Training Approach

  When you enroll in the OU Cataract Academy what you are embarking upon is a systematic training process that is deliberately designed to touch every aspect of adult learning. The underlying educational elements are what Ophthalmology University calls K.A.M.P.




At Ophthalmology University we sincerely believe once you have acquired your K.A.M.P, your full potential as a cataract surgeon can be unlocked. So how does the OU Cataract Academy help you acquire your K.A.M.P?

When you enroll in the OU Cataract Academy you will be guided through a 3 phase training process. Each phase is carefully designed to ensure you acquire the intellectual appreciation for why phacoemulsification during cataract surgery is done in a specific way for patient safety and optimal visual outcomes.

Likely when you enroll in the OU Cataract Academy you have already completed a residency or maybe even have been in practice for some time but are not doing phacoemulsification yet.



You will quickly discover that the OU Cataract Academy Course is fundamentally different from learning cataract surgery in your residency. In this adult learning environment, you are decoupled from the clinical care responsibilities that accompany residency.

Furthermore, your mentors are trained in the most progressive adult learning techniques and are present solely to help you learn phacoemulsification.

Accordingly what takes shape is a “concierge service” for learning cataract surgery in a setting that is focused on your learning needs.



Training Stage Time frame of training Location of training Mode of Training
PHASE 1 12-14 weeks Online 18 online modules with mandatory exams after each module
PHASE 2 1-2 weeks At certified OU training facility Structured simulation & wet lab practice with a dedicated surgical mentor working beside you daily
PHASE 3 +++ 4-5 weeks At an OU surgical training partner site Live Cataract surgery where you will perform up to 25 cataract surgeries on patients at an OU surgical training partner site

+++ Phase 3 is only available to OU students who successfully fulfill the training milestones of Phase 2.