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 OU Cataract Academy – Meet Dr. Ivo Ferreira Rios

My name is Dr. Ivo Ferreira Rios and the entire team at Ophthalmology University welcomes you to a unique surgical training service called the OU CATARACT ACADEMY. This surgical training course is tailored to millennial aged Ophthalmologists who wish to become the best cataract surgeon they can become. For an Ophthalmologist, early in their career, the OU CATARACT ACADEMY can elevate their cataract skills through intensive structured training and mentorship. To our knowledge there is no cataract surgery training course in the world as comprehensive or student focused as the OU CATARACT ACADEMY. It was my own experience as an Ophthalmology resident, who dreamed of being a surgeon and caring for the people of Uruguay, which led me to an unforeseen discovery. During my medical training I realized early I loved the specialty of Ophthalmology. I completed my Ophthalmology residency in Uruguay but was never afforded the opportunity to learn cataract surgery.
“My dream changed from the experience I had in pursuit of surgical training” Dr. Ivo Ferreira Rios

Unwilling to give up on my dream of being a cataract surgeon I left Uruguay and moved to Mexico City to enter into a cataract fellowship. I am grateful to my dedicated professors in my home country who taught me Ophthalmology and I am forever appreciative of the wonderful surgical training I received in Mexico City. Now Mexico is my home and I enjoy a rewarding clinical practice. I perform cataract surgery with a focus on custom IOLs and complex cataract cases so you would think I realized my dream. This very personal and humbling journey I now know is not unique to me. In the years since I became a cataract surgeon I discovered there are many young Ophthalmologists who have the exact same experience I have described. In 2017 we established Ophthalmology University as a private supplemental training service to help millennial aged Ophthalmologists to learn cataract surgery. OU CATARACT ACADEMY is a proprietary training program developed by Ophthalmology University to equip a surgeon with all the skills that lead you to arrive upon surgical excellence. Your Journey is our Journey so please know Ophthalmology University is here to help you become the cataract surgeon you likely have dreamed of becoming when your journey began.