Role of Compassion in Surgical Excellence


At Ophthalmology University our core value is based on the simple idea that compassion for the human condition is essential to arriving at surgical excellence. The OU Cataract Academy Course was designed as a pathway by which every aspiring young surgeon could train in a focused and intensive way under the guidance of experts. Each surgical mentor at Ophthalmology University has a single objective which is born from a sincere desire to help you become the best cataract surgeon you can become.

All students who enroll in the OU Cataract Academy Course are expected to embrace the values of compassion for every patient and your fellow students. Because the course has two students to one mentor ratio when you visit the Ophthalmology University training center for simulation and wet lab training you will be working closely with a small motivated group.

Typically, there will be students of varying skill levels as every individual learns differently and some see their skill progression take shape slower than others.

The entire Ophthalmology University team is here to help you and has deep empathy for your desire to become a tremendous cataract surgeon. As you train with us always remember and respect that every student training at Ophthalmology University has similar dreams. Similarly, none of us whether the surgical mentor or the student can ever loose sight of the fact compassion to our patients is essential too.

Everything undertaken in Phase 1 and Phase 2 parts of the OU Cataract Academy Course is to ensure you possess the necessary skills and mindset to perform surgery on patients later in your training with the knowledge and confidence necessary to provide each patient the highest standards every patient deserves.

At Ophthalmology University you will undergo the most intensive training program in an environment that is all about positive energy and the compassion that come from knowing you are part of a community which shares similar goals. Therefore, always know this is a shared journey to Surgical Excellence.