Cataract Academy Course – Phase 3: Live surgeries

The Final part of the OU Cataract Academy Course is Phase 3: Live surgeries. Here the whole K.A.M.P training process will come together when you undertake live cataract surgery with your OU surgical mentor. 

In Phase 3 you will perform approximately 20 cataract surgeries in order to apply the cognitive training and intensive simulation/wet lab training you have completed successfully earlier in the OU Cataract Academy Course.

Please note that for patient safety Ophthalmology University cannot guarantee every student will be offered Phase 3 of the OU Cataract Academy Course. To qualify for live cataract surgery training in Phase 3 you must meet minimum performance requirements on the Eyesi Surgical Simulator during Phase 2 of the OU Cataract Academy Course.

You may find performing live cataract surgery with your OU surgical mentor different than your earlier cataract surgery training experiences since at Ophthalmology University we are committed to providing you the ideal conditions by which to reach your full potential as a surgeon.

his is because through the K.A.M.P training methodology you will develop the necessary situational awareness and manual dexterity to perform phacoemulsification properly. Now it is a matter of applying your newly found knowledge of phacoemulsification and emerging manual dexterity in the OR during cataract surgery. This is where Dr. Zapata is here to help you during each and every cataract surgery you undertake during your Phase 3 training.

In order to ensure that you accelerate your surgical skills during Phase 3 we bench mark your surgical skills at case 5, 10, 15, and 20 in a process Ophthalmology University calls “DETECT & CORRECT” video analysis. Along with your fellow students you will review your surgeries with Dr. Zapata. During this interactive session you will “DETECT” where during your cataract surgery you made errors. As a group you will discuss how to “CORRECT” the error so that in your next cataract surgery you can make the necessary modifications to further elevate your cataract surgery skills.